Patient Information

If you have a question about our offices that isn’t addressed here,
please contact the office you are interested in visiting.

Fees, Payments, & Insurance

Often, prospective patients contact us, asking questions such as “How much does it cost to get my mercury fillings replaced?” The answer is always “it depends” – on how many surfaces are involved, on the types of replacement restorations needed, and many other factors.

In fact, it’s impossible to give an accurate cost estimate of any treatment until we’ve seen you, talked with you, and thoroughly evaluated your current dental situation. Before proceeding, we will give you a detailed treatment plan with all costs clearly outlined.

We ask that you pay in full for all services at the time we provide them, unless other arrangements have been made.

We accept payments by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Dr. Steinberg’s office (North NJ) also accepts Amex. Financing options are available.

Fees for services provided by outside clinics or labs (e.g., blood tests, serum compatibility testing, imaging) will be charged to you directly by the clinics or labs used.

We can work with all insurance so long as you can go out of network. Keep in mind, though, that your dental benefits contract is between you and your insurance provider. We can’t guarantee that they will cover any particular costs.

Ultimately, payment is the patient’s responsibility.

Office Policies

We ask that you fill out and submit all paperwork before you come in for your first visit. Dr. Steinberg’s office will provide forms for you. For Dr. Silver’s office, you can fill out and submit your forms online.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we ask that you give us at least 48 hours’ notice so we have the opportunity to offer your time slot to another patient. If you give less than 48 hours’ notice, a late cancellation fee may be charged to you.

We gladly see patients of all ages. We do not sedate nor confine children for treatment. If we cannot treat your child, we can refer you to a pediatric dental specialist.

All new patients must have an initial exam before any work can be done. We need to have a comprehensive understanding of your current oral and systemic health in order to provide the particular care you seek.

If you have had x-rays taken within the past two years, we may be able to use those instead of taking new films. You can bring them with you to your appointment or ask your previous dental office to send them directly to us.

For Patients with Chronic Health Conditions and/or Disability

Chemical sensitivities are quite common for folks dealing with mercury toxicity and other dental burdens. We do our best to maintain a hospitable environment for all. However, we do diffuse some essential oils as needed for disinfection and to counteract “dental” smells. If you are concerned about this, please talk with us about your needs before scheduling.

We also limit radiation exposure by taking x-rays only when absolutely necessary for diagnostic purposes. In some cases, Carivu – a fluorescing cavity detection device – may be used instead of x-rays.

Our offices are wheelchair accessible.

If you have other specific accessibility needs, please call us to let us know.

For Patients with Dental Anxiety

Procedures always go much easier – and results are best – when the patient is as relaxed as possible, so we do what we can to create a calming, peaceful environment and provide any supports we can in easing your fear.

For patients who need a little help relaxing for their appointments, we offer a number of options, from nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) to calming essential oils; from the NuCalm system to Alpha-stim and the Zyto Harmonizer.