Although beautiful, straight teeth do improve our appearance, there is more to orthodontics than a pleasing smile. Teeth that are misaligned and crowded can cause decay, infection, gum disease and tooth loss. An uneven bite can cause other health problems such as headaches, dizziness, ringing of the ears or neck, shoulder and back pain which may lead to TMJ disorders.
We feel that the most important aspect of orthodontics is improving the airway. It is our goal to allow sufficient room for the tongue and to allow patients to properly breathe through their nose.

Our offices work with adults and children’s orthodontics. A stable bite is imperative when the upper and lower teeth close together. The goal of orthodontics is to correct the bite so that muscles and bones can work together in harmony.

Functional appliances, a newer development in orthodontics, is used to properly align the jaws and to assist the growth of the bones of the jaws. They work with the muscles attached to the jaw and surrounding structures. With adjusting forces, they direct the growth and development of the jaw, bone, and teeth.

A large part of treatment involves the use of myofunctional appliances. We work with an array of appliances to help guide growth, teach proper oral posture, and improve airway.

Myobrace Now Available

We proudly offer Myobrace at both of our New Jersey clinics