Biological Dentists
of New Jersey

Scott Silver, DMD & Dr. Louis M. Steinberg

Biological Dentists
of New Jersey

Scott Silver, DDS & Louis Steinberg, DDS
Biological dentists recognize the impact of toxic materials and the profound connections between dental/oral and systemic (physical) health.

They take a holistic approach to diagnosis, treatment and healing, integrating the wisdom of Eastern and traditional medicine and best clinical practices of 21st century dental medicine. They use only biocompatible materials and procedures.

With offices in northern and southern New Jersey,
we provide both general and specialized dental services.
Specialty areas include:

Restorative Dentistry with
Biocompatible Materials

Treatment of TMJ
and Facial Pain

Solutions for Sleep Apnea
and Other Breathing Disorders

Safe Removal of Mercury
(Silver Amalgam) Fillings

Orthodontic Treatment
Focusing on Airway

Fluoride Free

Scott Silver, DMD

Dr. Silver is a practicing biological dentist in Haddon Township.

Dr. Louis M. Steinberg

Dr. Steinberg is a practicing biological dentist
in West New York, New Jersey.

Both practices are mercury-free and mercury-safe,
adhering to IAOMT protocols for
mercury amalgam removal.

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